Season 1 Trailer

1x01 - "The Crush"

Best friends Jen & Mandy deal with misbehaving lovers.

1x02 - "The News"

Just when they think they have things figured out, the girls receive news that changes everything.

1x03 - "The Plan"

Still heartbroken, still down and out, Jen and Mandy come up with a plan. The kind of plan that involves a sex tape.

1x04 - "The Audition"

Jen posts an ad for sex tape auditions on Craigslist; Mandy gets a makeover. Behind-the-scenes fact: The sex tape auditions seen here are real. Yes...real.

1x05 - "The Tape"

In the season conclusion, Jen and Mandy are faced with their biggest decision yet: Make the take, or don't make the tape. Only one way to find out if they do it or not...

SEASON ONE - 5 Episodes

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