Season 2 Trailer

2x01 - "The Break"

Jen and Mandy deal with their feelings after shooting their fake celebrity sex tape.

2x02 - "The Leak"

The fake celebrity sex tape is officially leaked.

2x03 - "The Agent"

PR agent, Irene Wasserman, scoops Jen and Mandy up in hopes to capitalize on their new found fame.

2x04 - "The Show"

Jen and Mandy are being interviewed by Charles Jennings about what it's like to be part of the first , ever lesbian sex tape.

2x05 - "The Bar"

Jen and Mandy reminisce on good old times before their fake celebrity sex tape was leaked.

2x06 - "The Ex"

Mandy's temptations are tested as Hannah, her infamous ex, slithers into the picture.  Guest starring: Noureen DeWulf (of FX's Anger Management).

2x07 - "The Love"

Season 2 comes to a close in the final episode, but will Jen and Mandy's relationship come to a close as well?

SEASON TWO - 7 Episodes

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